About Me

 Hello!  My name is Richard Komar.  I offer professional legal proofreading services for court reporters. 



As a court reporter, your reputation depends on the accuracy with which you transcribe verbatim the spoken word. Transcription involves skill and dedication to maintaining the integrity of what was said during the proceedings. I understand the importance of high-quality transcripts in the legal profession; they can make or break a case. It is a huge responsibility for you.

I know that your work is a direct reflection on you.  My purpose is to help you polish transcripts to perfection.

I am a retired Air Force captain and a retired civilian electrical engineer with advanced degrees in business and engineering.  My wife, Susan, an Air Force veteran, our two rescued basset hounds, and I live in Plano, Texas, just north of Dallas.  We have called the Lone Star State our home since 1997.

You can contact me by clicking here.